Affinity Gold Corp Re-Scheduled April Shareholded Call with CEO Corey Sandberg & Guest speaker Sebastian Wahl

May 9th Shareholder Update Call with CEO Corey Sandberg and Guest Speaker Sebastian Wahl

Written Transcript Available by Clicking Here


Affinity Gold Corp Advisory Committee

Based in Lima, Peru, Mr. Wahl is a motivated, analytical and result-driven business executive, partner and adviser with a successful background of establishing profitable business relations in Europe, the Middle East and South America. Sebastian currently operates as COO for British Mining company responsible for the construction, operation and management of a gold and silver processing plant and refinery in the north of Peru.


As a Director – Commodity Trader, Sebastian unites sellers and acts as broker between small and medium producers and institutional buyers with W. Merchant. W. Merchant is located in Lima, Peru, a country that is one of the leading producers of gold, silver, copper and zinc. They are focusing on precious metals such as gold and silver.


Mr. Wahl is also the current Director of international trade & relations at Mayfair & Bond in the United Kingdom who provides a strategic pathway for investor client relationships while providing capital investment and financial security through management.Mr. Wahl is experienced in working with high profile decision makers and ultra high net worth individuals in the Swiss financial industry with the primary focus on capital placement and business development.


Mr. Wahl has excellent communication, negotiation, management, closing and turn around skills and the ability to develop mutually beneficial business opportunities, as well as maintain them. He enjoys being a part of business networks, as well as managing new business strategies and relationships. Sebastian maintains close personal and professional relationships in the banking, commodity and mining sector. He is a passionate relationship manager, business developer and strategist. Mr. Wahl holds a Graduate degree in finance and marketing from the Graduate Business School of Administration B.Sc. in Zürich, Switzerland, speaks Fluent in English, German (mother tongue), Swiss German and good at speaking French and Spanish. Sebastian enjoys cricket, organizing fund-raising activities and is a member of high profile alumni and social clubs.

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